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Your upgrade to Melodyne 4 assistant

10. Upgrade auf assistant 5 von essential alle

With Melodyne 4 assistant, you work like the pros.
You have all the tools required for ideal vocal editing. Pitch, timing, phrasing, tone color. Musical, precise, and as user-friendly as it gets!
Only US$149.

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To learn more about the advantages the upgrade to Melodyne 4 assistant brings you, read on!

Better lead vocals

Melodyne 4 assistant offers all you need for the musical editing of vocal recordings.

Melodyne essential will already have familiarized you with the basic Melodyne functions for pitch and timing. With Melodyne 4 assistant come important new tools and functions that let you edit your recordings with even greater sensitivity and in even greater depth. So you can solve even tricky problems and enjoy greater freedom to shape and enhance your vocals.

Musical pitch correction

Melodyne 4 assistant makes exceptionally precise, but also natural and “inaudible” pitch correction possible.

This is due to its separate tools for adjusting the pitch center, the vibrato and the pitch drift. Each of these key parameters can be adjusted independently for each individual note. So you can target with surgical precision exactly what needs correcting and achieve far better results than with Melodyne essential.

Timing and phrasing, dynamics and sound

Correct intonation alone is not enough: For really good vocals, timing and phrasing are also of crucial importance. These can be shaped to perfection using Melodyne 4 assistant’s special tools. From the position and length of the notes to their internal development. Melodyne 4 assistant also provides the right tools to control volume and the formant spectrum.

Elegant, user-friendly, modern

Exceptional user-friendliness and a swift workflow.

With its variably configurable, single-window interface, you can adapt Melodyne perfectly to your own preferences and working requirements. What’s more, the browsers and inspectors provide you with the ideal overview of your material as well as direct access to all important parameters.

Under the hood, state-of-the-art software technology is at work – optimized for the latest operating systems, fully compatible with both 32- and 64-bit environments, and implemented both as a plug-in and as a stand-alone application.

Save audio as MIDI

The ability to export Melodyne notes as MIDI offers a wealth of creative and practical possibilities.

Replace or double vocal lines in your DAW with synthesizers, acoustic drums with electronic sounds, or guitars with pad sounds. Use the grooves of your acoustic drums on MIDI tracks or take advantage of your DAW’s notation functions. Combining audio and MIDI files offers numerous creative possibilities.

Loads of keyboard shortcuts

Melodyne offers a large number of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to work at a very swift pace.

And since you can reassign all the keyboard shortcuts at will, you can control Melodyne exactly as you wish, working still more efficiently and with still greater ease.

Better integrated via ARA: Melodyne and Logic

Thanks to ARA Audio Random Access, Melodyne 4.2 and Logic Pro X 10.4.2 work more closely and efficiently together. Here are the most important workflow advantages in a nutshell.

You can open tracks without transfers: Just load Melodyne as an insert effect, start playback and the entire track will appear automatically in Melodyne. There is no further need for transfers.

Melodyne follows all changes you make to the track: Melodyne compares its contents to those of the audio track and accurately replicates any lengthening, shortening or movement of regions.

Real copies and ghost copies of regions: When regions are copied, looped or cloned, the Melodyne content behaves accordingly as a real copy or as a ghost copy (Loop).

Region-based mixing: Regions edited with Melodyne now support all the mix functions of the region inspector in Logic: Region Gain, Mute and Fades.

You can use Melodyne as early as the comping stage: Now you can edit takes with Melodyne before committing yourself to a choice between them, which gives you a more realistic assessment of their respective merits, leading to better results.

The management of transfer files is a thing of the past: Thanks to ARA, there is no need anymore to keep transfer files in mind and archive them or pass them on to collaborators.

Important for Logic users: the new functions in overview

Your next major update: free of charge

Melodyne is constantly being further developed and improved. Now you, too, can profit – free of charge.

Because if you update or upgrade now, you’ll get not only the current Melodyne 4 but also the next major Melodyne update for free.

System requirements

macOS: Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), macOS 10.6.8 and 10.11.x to 10.14

Windows: Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit recommended), ASIO-compatible audio hardware

Activation: Computer-based or iLok USB dongle (2nd or 3rd generation), Melodyne 4 essential only computer-based. Internet access is required for activation.

DAW compatibility: To discover whether your DAW has been tested yet with Melodyne 4, please consult the following page.