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Upgrade from Melodyne assistant to Melodyne 5 studio

Melodyne unlimited

Melodyne 5 studio is the complete Melodyne. All Melodyne’s technologies, all its functions, all its possibilities. With it, you can edit all instruments with the greatest ease and are equipped to meet every challenge posed by day-to-day studio production. In the following, we have set out the most important features of, and arguments for your upgrade to, Melodyne 5 studio.

Now only US$299. Instead of US$549. Offer expires 31.12.2021.

Polyphonic instruments and samples

Thanks to our patented DNA Direct Note Access technology, you can also edit polyphonic recordings and samples such as piano or guitar tracks – right down to the individual notes within chords – using Melodyne’s well-known tools. Turn a major chord into a minor one, a quiet third into a loud one, a chord into an arpeggio.

You can also, either manually or with the help of the chord track, adapt polyphonic recordings and samples to fit the chords of your current project following a simple, lightning-fast procedure. In this way, you can turn a short sample into an accompaniment running the entire length of the song in next to no time.

Multitrack Note Editing

With Melodyne studio, you can work on an unlimited number of tracks – even with DNA Direct Note Access for polyphonic material.

Multitrack editing has one very important advantage: you can see and edit the notes of as many tracks as you like simultaneously. The harmonies, melodies and rhythms of your project can all be viewed in context. And you can reach into this plastic image of the music, select notes and modify them, regardless of which tracks they belong to.

This works not only in stand-alone mode but also in the plug-in. On all DAW tracks with the Melodyne studio plug-in inserted. Never before has the musical interplay of multiple tracks been as readily observed or intuitively edited.

New soundscapes with the Sound Editor

With the Sound Editor in Melodyne studio, you can edit the sound of your recordings – just like your music – in a more musical, detailed and inspiring way. From the subtle enhancement of envelopes and timbres to the manipulation of overtones, resynthesis and radical experiments in sound design.

Melodyne recognizes the notes and their overtones – also a decisive advantage when it comes to sound processing. While conventional equalizers only act upon fixed frequencies, Melodyne adapts to the audio material itself. Adjust the level of individual overtones within each track, shape the basic sound of each instrument, relate the timbre or envelope of each note to its pitch, bring out the character of each sound source.
The results are novel acoustically, often unique, invariably invigorating – yet the Sound Editor is intuitive and lends itself easily to creative use.

The world of scales and tunings

Melodyne allows you to work with whatever scales and tunings you like, including exotic or experimental ones.

Unusual scale structures and irregular tuning are often important musical parameters that ought not to be ironed out. For this reason, Melodyne supports every conceivable scale or tuning system, allowing you to handle the nuances of each musical genre with sensitivity.
You can also define and edit scales and tuning systems, as well as analyze those found in existing audio material.

Tempo intelligence

The tempo algorithms detect tempos, including any changes in tempo, and time signatures more reliably and with greater precision than ever before.

Melodyne tracks precisely the tempo of a live recording, with all its human inconstancy. The ensuing click keeps time with the musicians, not the other way around. And still, you enjoy all the practical benefits of a beat-based grid when working in your DAW.

Furthermore, you can curb excessive wandering in tempo without ironing-out the minor fluctuations that lend charm to a live performance. You can also synchronize recordings with quite different tempos or variations in tempo.

Melodyne makes working with tempo dead simple, letting you work with greater freedom, in new ways.