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Melodyne - Version 4.2.2

• US 4.2.1 alle Editionen, 4.2.0 -> 4.2.2

Version 4.2.2 contains all kinds of optimizations and bug fixes.
We recommend the free update to all Melodyne 4 users.

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Improvements in the current Version 4.2.2

Melodyne 4.2.2 brings the following improvements and numerous minor optimizations all of which make your use of Melodyne more enjoyable, reliable and swift. (Starting from Version 4.2, which according to our database is the latest version you have.)

New functions and improvements

  • Better window management in Studio One 4: Melodyne’s zoom and other window settings now remain constant when you select a new audio region, instead of being displayed with individual settings as previously.
  • Faster loading with ARA: In DAWs with ARA support, extensive projects now load considerably faster.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: In Cakewalk, under certain circumstances, instead of new files being analysed automatically, you had to select an algorithm manually in order to trigger the detection process.
  • Fixed: In the stand-alone implementation of Melodyne, closing a project without saving sometimes led to a crash if other projects were open at the time.
  • Fixed: In Logic, validating the Melodyne plug-in sometimes slowed down the launch of the DAW.
  • Fixed: In the stand-alone implementation of Melodyne, opening or importing projects under certain circumstances led to a crash.
  • Fixed: In ARA mode, it could happen under certain circumstances that the monitoring during blob editing no longer functioned after starting and stopping playback.
  • Fixed: In Cakewalk, selecting a new clip sometimes led to a misalignment of the Melodyne position display.
  • Fixed: During ARA operation with Mixcraft and Cakewalk, blob monitoring and scrubbing were no longer available in Melodyne if you started playback in the DAW.
  • Fixed: With Melodyne in Player Mode (i.e. without activating the program on the computer being used), the ARA plug-in sometimes crashed when you switched from Track Edit Mode to Clip Edit Mode.
  • Fixed: If the detection was aborted after a transfer with the Melodyne plug-in and you subsequently tried to move audio material whilst holding down the ALT key, a crash was sometimes the result.
  • Fixed: If an audio file was selected in the track pane of the stand-alone implementation of Melodyne studio, adjusting the fine tuning in the inspector sometimes led to a crash.